Philip Wm. Spicksley - Registered Independent Celebrant
In an ever increasing secular society more and more couples are opting for a celebration wedding ceremony.
My celebration ceremonies are written and unique to you as the special couple.  Promises and exchanging of ring words can be chosen by you and you can have the opportunity of selecting your promises or composing your own words.
The ceremonies can be carried out at a suitable location chosen by you to make your day special. The ceremony is carried out following a formal civil ceremony held at at a Register Office.  This format is based on the French tradition, where all weddings by law have to take place in the Register Office and then followed by a ceremony in the church or hotel afterwards.
By celebrating the marriage in this manner, you are enabled to invite  more guests than is normally permitted to attend a register office wedding.
Where to hold a ceremony.
You can hold your celebration at a location of your choice including:
  • Open air weddings
  • In your own garden
  • Home
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • On the Beach
  • Sports Grounds 
This type of celebration is ideal for those who do not want a church wedding but do not want the expense of a big fancy hotel but a more informal celebration in their own garden or smaller function suite.
If the happy couple have children from a previous relationship then I can design a ceremony which is not only a wedding celebration but also encompasses the whole family.  By including the children the celebration will be one of cementing the family together.
If you have a child who has not been christened or named.  Why not have a joint ceremony for the wedding and baby naming.
Celebrations following weddings abroad.
Nowadays it is popular for couples to fly off to a foreign country to get married.  When they return to the UK they often feel the necessity of having a blessing ceremony to which they can invite all their family and friends who missed out on the wedding.  I can design a ceremony for this occasion.  The ceremony can take place early evening and be followed by a party.
Wedding Ceremonies following a Register Office ceremony.
Why not make your day special for your guests,  I am taking bookings where the bride and groom do not tell their guests that the wedding is being celebrated before the main wedding reception.  The few guests that go to the Register Office and the main body of guests at the reception are kept in secret about a more personalised ceremony conducted by me prior to the reception.  This allows for a perfect start to the reception and allows all your guests to be included in your special day, rather than the ones who are able to attend the Register Office.

Perhaps a Register Office cannot provide a Registrar to go out to a licensed for weddings venue at the time you want to hold your ceremony.  I am taking bookings when  Registrars are in this predicament.  In these circumstances couples have continued with the booking of the venue and engaged me to conduct a ceremony following a Registry Office ceremony a day or two  before.

Bookings are also being taken when a couple want to have their wedding in the evening and follow through with an evening function instead of having a full afternoon and evening party.

Remember the choice is yours.  You have a ceremony designed by you in the comfort of your home,  hold it wherever you want and at whatever time you want.

My fees are competitive to those offered by the Registrars Office.  You do not need to book a registrar for a civil wedding celebration.  You need only do so if you are getting married at the location.
Feel free to contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

Garden photograph taken at Elsham Hall, Brigg. (Courtesy of Brides Beautiful)
Photographer  Tracy Conway-Smith Photography,   Barnetby.
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